A great adventure that began with the creation of the first anti-fouling paint and continues to this day through constant investment in research that has led to increasingly effective and stable products.
A passion that has lasted for over 150 years drives Veneziani Yachting’s constant quest for new technologies that satisfy its clients and their love of the sea, with care of the environment and the local area always a priority.
Although jealous of a TRADITION that draws on 150 years of commercial activity, Veneziani Yachting looks firmly to the FUTURE.
It is a never-ending commitment that has always motivated us, because attention to our clients and their needs is our top priority.


The new production site in the Rivalta Scrivia industrial zone, near the Science and Technology Park and the logistics centre, has been operating since spring 2009.
Constructed to advanced standards, the complex occupies 120,000² with a total built area of about 18,000m², comprising 12,000m² for production and 6,000m² for warehouses and services.

9.000 worksheets processed annually
20.000.000 kg/year of finished products
70 production staff on average


The laboratories’ work in sustainable development is guided by company objectives, which treat innovation, performance improvement and environmental care as inter-related matters. The research, development and technical assistance department is constituted as follows:

  • 1.500m² in area
  • over 35 specialised technical staff
  • 2 specialised research units
  • 2 centralised units
  • coordination of National and European Research Projects
  • New Products Research and Development Centre
  • Chemical and Instrumental Analysis Centre
  • Diagnostic component analysis
  • Technical Assistance Centre
  • Technology and Quality Control Centre

Technological research and the development of innovative designs have always been one of our strengths.
Certified quality provides an absolute guarantee - for longer-term clients, who have been able to observe our years of advancement, and for others trying our products for the first time.
The paint section demonstrates how investment in research and the development of increasingly competitive products plays a key role in maintaining high quality standards.
Collaboration with universities, national and international research centres, and leading international commodity producers has been a valuable source of training for the skilled researchers and technicians who represent one of the company's assets. Areas under study include product innovation, integration of new production technologies, reduction of environmental impact, development of advanced tintometric systems to expand the offer at sales outlets, certifications, and environmental and regulatory considerations.